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Product Review: The Wingman by Leatherman

Find out if the Leatherman Wingman multi-tool is for you. A product review of a versatile multi tool that meets some expectations and falls short in other areas.

Important Hockey Safety Tips For The Next Season

It's important to learn the latest hockey safety tips before your kids begin playing this wonderful winter sport. Each year, a lot of kids and adults are injured while playing hockey. There are many ways ...

Enjoy Your First Dive

So you have just gained your dive qualification and you are ready to take the plunge into one of the most exciting and breathtaking activities anyone can do. The beauty of diving is that wherever you go in the world, there is a brilliant chance that you can dive.

Ways to Choose The best Baseball Game Tickets

Ways to Choose The best Baseball Game Tickets Did you know that up to 78.6 million individuals attended major league baseball games in 2008? Based on, this figure set a record as the second ...

Know Your Weakness: The Takedown

So you say you've got a pretty good ground game, but what happens when you stand up? The takedown is that moment of truth where all your BJJ knowledge and skills can literally be flattened by a wrestler in a gi. So what do you do? According to UFC guru Ricardo Pires, the key to success--in the

Roller Derby, Austin Style

Ten women go whizzing past wearing wild fishnet hoses. Their colorful get-ups also include helmets and kneepads and flying scarves and the skates on which they are racing around the oval track.Elbows fly, legs lock, bodies go careening and sliding along the masonite track.

Krav Maga - The Perfect Self-Defense Art for Women

With the growing crime rate, it becomes necessary to stay alert and careful to handle any kind of situation. Especially for women, it is important to protect themselves from miscreants; one of the best options ...

The Problem With Classical Karate Patterns

Classical Karate Forms have degraded over the years. The fact is, you won't ever hear this fine martial art even considered as a viable martial art worthy of inclusion in the Mixed Martial Arts octagon. ...

Golf Hints That Really Do Work

Golf is a strange sport. Golfers are strange people. They rely on swing thoughts, golf hints, and obscure superstitions to enable them to perform an athletic move. A swing thought is the one or more thoughts you have at the time you are swinging the club.

How to Train for a 80Km Mountain Bike Race

Training for a 80km mountain bike race is a process that takes a lot of energy, patience, determination and discipline. The training period, or the weeks leading up the race, will require extensive training and discipline of your eating habits. All the hard work you put into it shows on the day of t

Give Your Golfing Enthusiast A Gift To Remember: Golfing Experience Gifts

Does your dad love to play golf? Does he spend the majority of his free time on the green? Does he spend the evening hours practicing his putt in the living room or garage? If your dad is a golf fanatic, then you might want to get him something that relates to golf this Father's Day or holiday

Rottweiler Dog

also as this kind of a big canine, they can be inclined to hip dysplasia.Grooming. While they are an regular shedder they are actually really simple to groom by applying a brush with company bristles. ...

Buying the Golf Range Finder That Is Right for You

Trying to choose the best Golf Range Finder on the market can be complex. There are so many different styles, makers, sizes, options; even the different colors can make it hard to choose. If you were to go searching on the web for Golf Range Finders, you would see that the options are endless.