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Acceptable Prayer

What is required for a prayer to be found acceptable to God? Can we know or is it just guess work?

Pat Robertson Biography

Pat Robertson Biography: Learn more about Pat Robertson, the popular televangelist, conservative Christian, host to the 700 Club and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

The Unbaptized Wallet (A Stewardship Illustration)

Great sermons have great illustrations. This article contains a supposedly true story about 500 soldiers who were baptized with every part of their bodies immersed except their sword arms and swords. This teaches the truth that many of God's people have dedicated everything to Him except their

Places to Live When You're Young & Single

Being young and single means having the world at your feet. Often, young, single individuals, whether they are professionals or working on other avenues in life, are looking for the pulse of life. Living in certain cities or areas of the country will give young, single people more excitement and mor

The Final 490: Hebrews, Take Note

How could Daniel say that everything wraps up in 490 years, and here we are 2,600 years after Daniel still going strong? This article gives some insights about that.

Bedroom Blues? 5 Simple Feng Shui Cures

Whether you're single, dating or married, the bedroom blues (and blahs) can strike at any time. Here are five simple and easy to implement Feng Shui cures to help increase your romance quotient in the

How to Identify Indigo Adults

Indigos have been appearing on society's radar since the 1970s and 80s. They were introduced as a classification of children that exhibited certain traits that were not considered "normal." As time has past, now we have Indigo adults living among the rest of society not knowing why they are so diffe

The Dream Of Testimony

It was 25 years ago. From that time onward, whenever I am ministering, I would deliberately share testimonies with others and watch the effect carefully. And the result is the effect is always amazing.

Iraq and the Near Ascent of the End Times King?

The Bible predicts the meteoric rise of a man from relative obscurity to become ruler of the world in a very brief period of time. Scripture reveals that his rise will begin in Iraq, but when will it happen? This article reveals evidence to suggest it could come soon.

How Do Pagans Honor Their Ancestors?

The concept of ancestor worship is not a new one for many Pagans today. Ancient cultures often venerated those who came before them, and even now, in our contemporary society, it’s not uncommon at all to find celebrations that honor the ancestors in a variety of different ways.

Religious Extremism-Again

A new study discusses the root of religious extremism. Is the cause actually the religions?

The Line of Fate begins

(i) From the base of the hand which in a favorable sign if it takes its course as a straight strong line up to the Mount of Saturn without any interruption. In such cases the Line of Sun will also be

The World's Biggest Gathering - How to Get There and What to Do When There

Traffic north of Pretoria on South Africa's Great North Road, the N1, is normally very light, but twice a year the traffic becomes bumper to bumper for several days. The miracle of Zion City Moria is about to be re-enacted as millions of the LORD's worshipers prepare for the annual Christm

The Dad I Never Had

Today is Father's Day and sadly, I don't celebrate with my natural father. My dad died 12 years ago. But in all honesty, I never spent one Father's Day with him even while he was ...

How to Break a Bad Habit

Breaking a bad habit isn't easy, but when it's not doing us any good, it's something we need to learn how to release.

What Are the Laws of Attraction & Repulsion?

Have you ever seen a top without a bottom? An up without a down? How about a side without the other side? So now you must to know that if there's an attraction, there's got to be repulsion as well. That is what the laws of attraction and repulsion are about. With the law of attraction, we attempt to