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Secession and Risk Management

My business expertise is in the Insurance Risk Management field. I consult individuals and businesses on the best ways to manage their risks. So, when considering the concepts of secession for US states, I look at their exposures to risk and the actions they can take to minimize their risks.

The Road Of Success With Women

Too bad you don't have a woman to rest her pretty little head on your lap...what could be better? Some mind-numbing TV, a nice cold beer, and a pretty girl to cuddle up with you after a long day.

Citizen-Focused Policing - What is It?

The police need to serve the public in a way which is useful to them. The public needs to be safe and free of crime and an effective police force will ensure this is the case.

Gay Rights and Job Discrimination in the Workplace

Often people ask, 'What's so important about gay rights?' What a lot of people do not know is that in many states, it is still perfectly aboveboard to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

How to Make Your Woman Always Feel Beautiful

Mariah Carey is a miracle of modern photoshop tummy-tuckery and anyone who believes otherwise is putting entirely too much stock in Jenny Craig's ability to

Buy An Electric Car And Save On Fossil Fuels

Helping the environment is easy when you begin to use green energy solutions within your own home. It will also have many added benefits, such as power when the grid is down, and even the money making

Railway Track Monitoring -Be Safe From The Accidents

Trainis the safest mode to travel from one place to the other space from all the ground transportation. We always try to use the easier and cheaper way to transfer because some time airplane cannot be

Country Run By A Crime Boss Mr 10% Now President 90%

Asif Ali Zardari was described by his wife, Benazir Bhutto, as the 'Mandela of Pakistan.' But while she was prime minister, Mr. Zardari earned another nickname: 'Mr. 10 Percent,' for his reputation of

Hidden Cameras for Surveillance

Surveillance is becoming a must-have for everyone regardless of occupation in today's fast-moving world. Though it has many uses, the importance of surveillance becomes more underlined when we consider personal security, safety of property and law enforcement. More to it, surveillance is consid

Drug Offenders - Treat Them Or Build More Prisons?

As you have probably read more than once, offenders with some connection to drugs make up the greatest percentage of people in our prisons. Often, the criminal commits his/her crime either under the influence of drugs, or to gain money to support a drug habit.