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How a Humidity Gauge Works

What a Humidity Gauge MeasuresHumidity, a measure of water vapor in the air, is one of the variables measured in basic meteorology. There are actually several different kinds of humidity, but what most people mean when they talk about "humidity" is relative humidity. Relative humidity is...

Two Sharks That Are Primary Plankton Feeders

The huge sea denizen swimming toward you with wide open mouth may not be after you at all, but much smaller fare. Certain shark breeds do eat fish, seals, sea lions and, in an occasional accident, people; others subsist primarily on the nutritious gruel of the sea called plankton. Ironically, the la

Rafflesia Life Cycle

Rafflesia is a group of species of parasitic plants native to the Asian tropics. Surviving on the host vine, they rarely bloom. When they do bloom, however, they produce what may be the largest flowers in the plant world.

Why Is Some Plastic Recyclable & Some Not?

Types of PlasticAll plastic containers and items are marked with a triangle made from three arrows. In the center of the triangle is a number. This symbol doesn't mean that the item is made from recycled plastic, nor does it mean that the item is recyclable. This symbol simply give the...

Types of Transistors

Transistors are electronic devices used in all types of appliances and machines, which operate in all forms of business. They combine at least two semiconductors to benefit from the surface effects between their interface. They usually have three terminals. The current of one pair controls the cu

How to Remove an Antenna Tower

If you have an old, broken antenna tower outside your home, it can be a frustrating eyesore. Antenna towers are normally removed with cranes, but you can remove one yourself if it is worn and you have the right tools such as come-alongs and heavy ropes or cables. It would be best, as a safety precau

How to Create a 3D Map Using Clay

When you are teaching elementary-aged children about geologic topography, it can be difficult to maintain the attention of your class by simply discussing topography with them. Instead of lecturing to the kids, allow them to take part in a hands-on activity that is related to the material you are te

How to Grade Barber Dimes

The Barber dime was minted in the United States between 1892 and 1916, replacing the Seated Liberty dime. Coin collectors today value these coins and look for high grade Barber dimes to add to their collections. Many of the rare dates in the Barber dimes are hard to find in higher grades. If you wan

How to Make a Model of a Knee Joint

The human body is designed with joints that allow it to bend, twist and move easily. The hinge joint, for example, enables the elbows and knees to bend back in one direction but not in the other direction. This stabilizes the body, allows the potential strength of the arms to be greater and maintain

How to Use a Router to Make a Cross in Wood

A router are a fairly safe tool, if used properly, and can create perfect edges on wood and precision pattern cutting. Routers can be used with a large variety of bits so that you can choose the type of cuts to make in your wood. You can shape wood, cut it, dado it and decorate it in many different

How to Build a Music Box

Before the 19th century, the music box was the only mechanical device for producing music. Music boxes still have an Old World charm that is hard to capture with modern technology. It is not too difficult to build your own music box, and it makes a uniquely personal gift. All you need is a box, the

How to Build a Bookcase Drop Shelf

A drop shelf is an ideal type of shelf for those who may require a desk or a table but do not have the space for one. A drop shelf can be a shelf or table in times of need but can be folded flat toward a wall or unit when it is not needed. Drop shelves also can be used as a bookcase.

Furniture Building Ideas

Building your own furniture creates a legacy to hand down to your kids and grandkids.chest image by cherie from Fotolia.comBuilding your own furniture ensures that you have something that serves more than just a basic function in your home; you're creating something that you can pass down...

How to Make Evil Eyes

The evil eye is a traditional Turkish symbol often worn as an amulet to protect against evil. Though making evil eyes yourself may seem complicated, with a little effort you can make your own evil eye using polymer clay and the millefiori bead-making technique, which involves rolling layers of clay

Speed Stack for Beginners

Speed Stacks, Inc. is a company that promotes sport stacking, also known as speed stacking. Speed Stacks was founded in 1998 by Bob Fox, who was turned on to the sport in 1995.

How to Refinish Cedar Plywood T-11

Plywood is a manufactured laminate made of thin layers of natural wood. These versatile panels are intended for a variety of home improvement applications, such as countertops, closets and other household surfaces. Cedar plywood is a popular choice for its durability and rich color. The process of f

Gases Used in Photosynthesis & How They Go in & Out

Photosynthesis converts water and carbon dioxide to oxygen and sugar using the energy from sunlight. Oxygen is released from the plant, which provides the oxygen that mammals need to breathe. Sugars are converted to molecules of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, through cellular respiration, which the pl

How to Notate a Plane

The simplest way to describe a two-dimensional plane's position and orientation in three-dimensional space is to define it relative to a fixed set of Cartesian axes -- x, y and z. Starting from this spatial relationship, a set of Miller indices can then be derived. These are a system of notation oft

Value of Precious Moments Collections

Created by Sam Butcher in the early 1970s, Precious Moments figurines are popular for gift-giving and collecting. The value of these figurines can vary greatly. To determine their value, you must consider a few factors.