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iPod a Mini-Movie Theater

Almost all iPod owners initially bought their iPods to listen to their favorite brand of music (certainly beats carrying around your old walkman cassette player plus tapes!) But with the full-size iPods and iPod Touch out in the market, there's more to it than just listening to your favorite tu

Versatile DVD Rack

DVDs are nowadays the key means designed for internal entertainment. DVDs can pass on great documentation, in consequence their usefulness in making movies presented designed for internal viewing. One will by and large witness a ...

Choosing a Bass Amp

Playing bass guitar in a rock band can often be a thankless job. Thankless mostly, because bass players often go unheard beneath the screaming vocalists, the squealing lead guitarists, and the thunderous beatings of overzealous ...

How NOT to Become a Singer (And Work Harder at Doing It)

Please note: The below article is meant to be a humourous essay on the all too frequent use of various incorrect vocal techniques. As the disclaimer often goes: Do not take it directly and do not try this at home! I thought that in this article I would vent a little of my frustration and have some f

Trisha Yearwood

Photos of country music star Trisha Yearwood.

OJ Da Juiceman - Making the Trap Say Aye

OJ da Juiceman (born Otis Williams Jr.) is a man who fulfills many roles. At the age of 26, he is a rapper, member of the rap group 1017 Brick Squad, and founder of vanity label 32 Entertainment, which he has used as an outlet to release several mixtapes. Growing up in Atlanta, GA and parented by a

How to Make Sequential Comic Pages

The layout and sequence of scenes and events is fundamental to successful storytelling in comic books. To a reader culturally acclimated to the Western train of thought, the logical sequence of events is left to right, top to bottom. This basic logic must be followed; if the order of events in the f


A photo summary of the 2008 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.

Forget Buying Beats! Make Your Own Rap Beats Today!

Make your own rap beats today with confidence and ease! Even with no experience making rap beats, as long as you know what sounds good and you are an avid rap fan you will develop the talent in no time.

The Laptop DJ

What DJ wants to spend the whole night searching boxes of records or rows of Cd's in order to find that one requested song that you know you have, but seems to have disappeared. Multiply that by 20 or 30 times a night along with searching Individual albums or CD jackets for songs to keep the da

How to Add LED to Vox Wah

LED lights are known for their extreme brightness and wide range of colors. They commonly are used in many applications, including from Christmas lights and streetlights. Electronics stores sell strips of LED lighting that can be attached to many different surfaces in a number of ways. If you're a g

Why Musicians Must Have A Personal Website

As a musician, there is an important part of your equipment that may be missing.That crucial tool is your personal website.By creating a personal website, you create a digital personality.

Make Solid Beats With The DUBturbo Software

Have you ever thought about how the best rap producers create those slamming beats? You have seen all of the expensive equipment they fill a studio with, and you know it would be difficult to acquire all of that quality gear. I want to share with you how to get up and running fast, by being able to

How to Embed an Object in ASX

The ASX file type and extension is a streaming container for Windows Media-related multimedia. ASX files are used to hide the original source and to allow the file type to be embedded within Web browsers. The ASX file format was developed before Flash and HTML5 were the main multimedia container typ