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Valentine Crafts for Teachers

Valentine's Dayvalentines day image by michele goglio from Fotolia.comStudents get excited for classroom parties and the opportunity to send and receive cards on Valentine's Day. Having students make Valentine's Day cards is a typical classroom project, but there are many unusual craft...

How to Woodburn Names on Wood

Wood burning is an easy-to-learn craft and can be used on a variety of projects such as wooden signs, wooden plaques, street address signs, wooden mail boxes and trinket boxes. You can also use wood burning tools to burn names into wooden jewelry. The tools are fairly inexpensive and come in a varie

How to Decorate a Mirror Frame With Branches

Sometimes the most effective types of decor are the simplest. For example, if you have a plain or understated framed mirror, you don't need to go all-out painting, stenciling and gluing rhinestones and other adornments onto the frame to spruce it up. Using simple types of decor, particularly straigh

DIY Button Necklaces for Toddlers

An important skill focus for toddlers in many preschools and child-care facilities is fine motor, or small muscle, development. According to Novella J. Ruffin, Ph.D., child development specialist at Virginia State University, babies first develop gross motor movements and later hone fine motor skill

How to Make a Large Compass

A compass is an instrument used to draw circles. It is used in mathematics, drafting and other purposes. A compass is made from metal, plastic, or wood depending on the use of it. Circles are made by placing the pointed end of one leg of the compass into paper and placing a pencil in the other leg a

How to Choose the Perfect Needlepoint Floor Stand

Needlepoint floor stands provide comfort and ease when stitching Bargello projects or other needlepoint designs. Fashioned from wood or metal, these stands hold a needlepoint project frame so that both hands can be free to stitch. In turn, hands-free stitching helps to avoid needlepoint disasters li

How to Make a Bag With a Hidden Pocket

Hidden-pocket bags are used in magic performances to produce and vanish items that can be held easily in the hand. Although their construction varies in design, material and size, most bags with hidden pockets are relatively small, measuring no more than 10 inches. Of all these, the egg bag is the m

Rubber Stamping Ideas for Cards

Use sandpaper to give your rubber stamps a distressed look.sandpapier image by Thomas Aumann from Fotolia.comRubber stamping can be used to create wonderfully personal and unique cards. Whether you are making cards for a celebration or sending a handmade card to someone who means a lot to...

I Need Ideas on How to Paint a Wagon

A wagon is a classic toy for kids. The most famous type of wagon for kids is probably the Radio Flyer brand, known for its fire engine red paint job, black handle and white "Radio Flyer" decal on the sides. But you don't have to be resigned to a standardized paint job on your or your child's own wag

Quilt Block Instructions

Quilts come in many different sizes and colors. Use them as a bedspread or a spare blanket kept on the back of the couch for when it gets cold. Quilts make wonderful gifts for birthdays, weddings and other occasions. When a quilter decides to start a new project she has an almost infinite number of

Easy to Make Noise Makers for Kids Parties

Make welcoming the guest of honor at a surprise party or ringing in the New Year as exciting -- and noisy -- as possible for the kids in attendance by equipping them with noise makers. Skip the obnoxious ones party supply stores sell -- you know, the ones that produce the shrill, squeak toy-like noi

How to Paint a Model Ship

Ship model building has long been a popular hobby for some and a near-obsession for others. Some die-hard model builders insist that ships be considered true fine art, rather than "craft" or "folk art," according to Erik Ronnberg's North Shore Living article "Ship Models in the Art Market." Starting

What Can Kids Make From a Cardboard Box?

With a little imagination children can create crafts from otherwise recyclable materials, such as cardboard boxes. Use cardboard boxes that are free from food as food particles may spoil. Experiment with craft supplies to create toys for children. After the toy loses its novelty, remove items that c

How to Use a Hammock for Hiking

A hammock can be a very practical way to sleep when you're out on the hiking trail. Specially designed hammocks are available that are made out of strong, lightweight materials such as parachute nylon. They can be rolled up into a ball and fit in bag the size of a human fist, thus taking up very l

How to Make an Aladdin Costume

A popular Disney character, Aladdin provides an easy costume to make for your child on Halloween. Everything except the hat can be rummaged from your closet or the local resale shop. If you substitute a turban for the hat, you may avoid having to purchase anything. The following steps show you how.<

How to Make a Shrinky Dink Igloo

Shrinky Dink crafts are a favorite among children because they appear magical: A large Shrinky Dink dwindles down to half its size when it is baked in the oven. Shrinky Dinks can be made at any season or for any object. The Shrinky Dink craft described here is an igloo. The igloo is appropriate d

How to Decorate a Cake Box

Cake boxes are white boxes made of light cardboard that are used for the transportation of cakes. Their white exterior might be regarded as boring and plain by some; however, some changes can make their appearance lively and decorative. Whether you're bringing a cake to a celebration at a friend's h