List of Paramagnetic Atoms

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    • Uranium is a heavy metal that is slightly softer than steel. It is silvery white in color. Water will corrode uranium. Uranium is used as nuclear fuel.


    • Platinum is a silvery white metal used for jewelry. It also has industrial and medical applications. For example, it is used for certain types of wiring and in dentistry. Platinum doesn't tarnish when exposed to air.


    • Tungsten is also called wolfram. It is a grayish metal. Its alloys are used in lighting and in television tubes. Tungsten steel is widely used in mining.


    • Cesium is a highly alkaline metal, silvery white in color. It is used in electron tubes, photoelectric cells and atomic clocks.


    • Aluminum is a lightweight, silvery white metal. It has many industrial applications, from kitchen utensils to construction.


    • Lithium is a rare, silvery metal. It does not occur freely in nature. Lithium is used as an alloying agent that can be found in batteries. Lithium carbide has medical applications in the treatment of bipolar disease.


    • A very lightweight metal, magnesium is silvery white in color. It is used in flash photography, pyrotechnics, welding and missile construction.


    • Sodium is a silvery white metal. It is so lightweight that it floats on water. It is highly reactive and may spontaneously ignite on water. Sodium is used to purify molten metals.


    • Oxygen is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. We need it to survive. Hospitals use bottled oxygen for respiratory care.

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